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Hello, I’m Dean and my passion lies in creating trend-setting digital marketing campaigns that grab the consumers attention, and compel them to try and/or utilize strategic brands. If you are looking to attract new customers, retain existing customer relationships, build brands, and/or grow your market share for long-term profitability, then we should link up. 

Capitalizing on my experience and knowledge of the latest technology, methodologies and practices within the world of digital marketing, my team and I were managed to creat succssful coupon campaigns for our customers which helped  increase the exposure of their businesses and offers to the local residents within 12 Km radius. After making minor changes to the title of the campaign, the results were extremely succssful and promising. An example of a coupon campaign was sent to the residents of the disrtict of Ursynow in Warsaw, PL. 31,300 residents recieved the campaign, out of which 5778 (18.46% open rate) opened the campaign with a click through rate (CTR) of 56 (0.18%). Second campaign was sent two weeks after the first one with the same offers but with few nuances isuch as twiking the title of the campaign. the results are as followed: 31,300 local residents recieved the campaign, out of which 6263 (20.01% open rate) opened the campaign with a click through rate of 76 (0.24%). The results were increased by 8.4% after only one attempt. 

Please find below the results sent by ABi, our mailing distributer partner:

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Part of our work at XtraPlan is to provide merchants with a brand new channel of sale, that is, by utilizing the tools provided online to increase traffic, conversion and eventually to enbale those business to flourish by helping them build, retain and grow their customer base.

Below you will find a link to a sample fully-functional eCommerce website created for one of our merchants: 

Below you will find three sample videos created for Polska Press Grupa's clients which descirbe the service and benefits they can recieve by siging up to Polska Press's long-term solutions to increase sales and revenue via the digital channel. This include virtual business listing, coupons, campaigns and a fully-operative shopping cart.