Mission and Vision


In recent years, most indicators pertaining to business growth have predicted the dramatic advancement and acceleration of digital marketing as the medium of choice in terms of successful customer acquisition and retention, to the extent that it will inevitably overtake conventional marketing channels, both in the B2B and B2C sectors.

The undeniable ascension of the digital world of business has likewise reinforced my decision to become an integral and vital part of this global phenomenon by specializing in the field of digital marketing, and working with an innovative company intent on establishing itself as a pioneer in this industry.

Currently, I offer more than four years of experience in the development and implementation of digital marketing strategies and tools that enable small and medium sized businesses to build, retain, and grow their customer base.  These digital resources include the design and construction of fully functional e-Commerce infrastructure that provides a platform for customized email, social media, and coupon campaigns, in conjunction with customer surveys, data analysis, payment gateways, and CRM system management, all of which empower businesses with the most efficient and effective means of successful communication, sales, customer data and retention.

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I am looking to play a direct and leading-edge role in a company’s growth and long-term success, in a dynamic, interactive, and innovative environment that affords me the opportunity to use and enhance the skills, creativity, experience and knowledge that I have to offer in this very specialized arena.